NFT Gaming & Loyalty

GaaS (Gaming as a Service) allows the customer to focus on their core business.

NFT Gaming & Consumer Loyalty Solutions

Harnessing the power of blockchain technology, Restack.AI develops cutting-edge NFT-based gaming and consumer loyalty platforms. Our proprietary gaming engine is versatile and robust, supporting multiple blockchains including Solana, Ethereum, EOS, and Polygon.

Dynamic Gaming Experiences

Whether you’re looking to create a high-octane racing game, an engaging battle royale, strategic 1-on-1 combat, or a multi-level quest adventure, our engine is fully customizable to bring your vision to life. Our NFT integration not only adds a layer of ownership and tradeability to the gaming assets but also opens up a new realm of in-game economy possibilities.

Gamified Loyalty Programs

Beyond gaming, we leverage our engine to revolutionize consumer loyalty programs. By gamifying customer engagement, we create a more compelling loyalty experience that encourages repeat interactions and enhances brand connection. Reward your customers with NFTs that hold real value, driving both retention and revenue.

Tailored to Your Needs

Our solutions go beyond the one-size-fits-all approach. We offer bespoke configurations to ensure that your gaming or loyalty platform reflects the unique spirit of your brand and the specific engagement strategies you wish to employ.

Embrace the future of gaming and loyalty with Restack.AI, where every interaction is an opportunity for growth and every digital asset is a new frontier for engagement.

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