IT Security (ISO 27001)

ISO 27001 Compliance and Consultancy Services

In the digital landscape, safeguarding your information assets is not just about technology—it’s about trust. At Restack.AI, our ISO 27001 services embody this principle, offering a comprehensive suite of assessments designed to fortify your information security posture.

Services Include:

Code Review: Meticulous examination of your source code for security vulnerabilities and compliance adherence.

Process Evaluation

Analysis of your operational processes to ensure they meet ISO 27001 standards for information security management.

Testing Procedures

Scrutinizing your testing protocols to confirm that security measures are effectively tested and validated.

Delivery Process Assurance

Ensuring that your software delivery processes incorporate secure release practices, minimizing risks from development to deployment.

Security Procedures Audit

A thorough review of your security procedures, from access control to incident response, to guarantee alignment with the stringent requirements of ISO 27001.

Risk Management and Mitigation

Identifying potential information security risks and developing robust strategies to mitigate them, keeping you ahead of threats.

Industry-Leading Expertise:

With over 50 years of combined experience, our principals are stalwarts of the software industry. Their journey has spanned roles from developers to architects and project managers. This breadth of experience is complemented by in-depth knowledge of various compliance frameworks, including PCI DSS and GDPR. Their hands-on experience ensures that our ISO 27001 services are not only compliant with international standards but are infused with industry best practices.

At Restack.AI, we don’t just consult—we partner with you to build a resilient information security framework that protects your most valuable assets and bolsters your reputation in the market.

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