The founders are two long-time friends with corporate experience and complementary skills. Click on the names for their LinkedIn profiles.

Our Philosophy

At the heart of Restack.AI lies a foundational belief in the power of experience and the straightforward joy of getting things done. As seasoned founders, we have navigated the complexities of the tech industry with a singular focus: to deliver tangible results that matter. Our approach is rooted in the art of communication — engaging with our clients to dissect and distill complex problems into manageable, digestible pieces.

We start with the simple and then scale up, ensuring a solid foundation is built before adding layers of complexity. This incremental approach is key to our success and to the success of our clients' projects. Honesty and transparency aren't just principles we believe in; they're the cornerstones of our every interaction. By being forthright in our communication and clear in our processes, we forge partnerships that are built on trust and mutual respect, consistently aiming for a final product that stands as a testament to our shared commitment to excellence.


Alex is a 25+ year experienced project manager and business leader with corporate experience: The US Navy, Sears Holdings, TietoEvry, BlackRock & EPAM. Alex is responsible for business development, finance, sales, and marketing. He also acts as a co-architect, customer advocate, sparring partner and tester for Steve, ensuring the projects meet customer requirements. Both team members are responsible for the strategy.

Steve is a 25-year experienced software engineer with gaming, finance and public sector experience: Funcom (Age of Conan game), Avinor (Norwegian Airport) and Skandia. He is responsible for technical development and creating tools and routines that entry and mid-level developers can follow, allowing us to scale the business in the future.

John - Sr. Software Engineer

Coding since 1978 and in crypto since 2010, he specializes in C#, C++, Docker, AWS, Solidity and smart contracts.

Danylo - Sr. Software Engineer

Five years experienced full-stack developer, specializing in React.js, Vue.js, Node.js and SQL performance optimization.

Yaroslav - UI/UX and Graphic Designer

Five years experience with Figma, and Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. He also codes!

Kristiyan - Fullstack Developer

A seasoned developer experienced with Python, React and Blockchain technologies.

Ukrainian Advantage!

We also have a network of contractors in Ukraine that support us with graphic design, front-end and full stack development as well as administration and legal services.

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