Code Modernization

Code Renewal and the Adoption of Memory-Safe Programming Languages

In today's digital world, cybersecurity is not just a necessity; it's imperative. At Restack.AI, we specialize in code renewal services, a crucial strategy for enhancing software security and aligning with modern programming practices. By transitioning from traditional, vulnerability-prone programming languages like C and C++ to memory-safe alternatives, we help safeguard your applications against common cyber threats.

Why Choose Restack.AI for Code Renewal?

Our expertise is not just theoretical. Restack.AI is backed by the proven experience of our principals, Alex and Steve, who have successfully led code renewal initiatives for major organizations across Norway and America. This vast experience has equipped us with the unique skills needed to navigate and implement complex software transformations effectively.

We utilize a range of NSA-recommended, memory-safe programming languages, ensuring robust protection against security vulnerabilities such as buffer overflows and dangling pointers. Here’s what we work with:

  1. Go - Renowned for its simplicity and stellar memory management capabilities.

  2. Rust - Offers unparalleled performance coupled with rigorous safety guarantees.

  3. C# - Known for its robust security frameworks, ideal for enterprise-level applications.

  4. Swift - Tailored for high performance and safety, particularly in Apple ecosystems.

  5. Java - Features comprehensive automatic memory management and runtime fault detection.

  6. Ruby - Combines productivity with built-in safety features, streamlining development without compromising on security.

  7. Python - Famous for its readability and automatic memory handling, making it a favorite for quick development cycles.

  8. Delphi/Object Pascal - Offers strong typing and effective memory management for dependable application builds.

  9. Ada - The go-to language for systems requiring utmost safety and reliability.

Elevate Your Cybersecurity with Restack.AI

Choosing Restack.AI for your code renewal needs means prioritizing the security and reliability of your software. Our approach is designed to make your applications not only compliant with the latest security standards but also optimized for future requirements.

Invest in your software’s future by partnering with Restack.AI. Let us help you transition to memory-safe programming, reducing your risk profile and enhancing your application's integrity. Contact us today to learn how we can secure your software's building blocks for a safer cyberspace.


The NSA list of memory-safe programming languages has been updated by Deanna Ritchie

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